…Srpsko nebo…Serbian Sky…

09 November 2012,   By ,   0 Comments

An exhibition that I liked very much!, by Ugljesa Vrcelj

 ‘We walk upon the earth. Sometimes we take long steps. We touch it with our hands. Sometimes we let it seep through our fingers. It’s our soil because we can’t touch it, because we can’t feel it. It’s our sky, because it’s above our heads. Since antiquity man has felt the urge to master the skies, to own them. The sky that he could encompass with his gaze. The sky and everything he could see in the sky, as if through a window. He felt the need to frame it, to walk upon it, to be able to grasp it and let it seep through his fingers. He wanted to reach it by rocket, airplane, or balloon, to go to the end of the stratosphere. Just as he wanted to reach freedom, the paradigm of the skies. To be free of all bonds, and restrictions continually holding him down. The struggle for one’s sky is the struggle for one’s freedom. So, take your share of the sky, take your share of freedom.’ Petar Papic


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