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The Circle, by Andjelka Balkovic

The pleasure of taste of coffee awakens the senses in a sweet combination of scent and flavor. Indulging in the small pleasures of life, enjoying the present moment, should not evolve in the unpleasant consequences. However, abundance and consumption inevitably creates high environmental costs. The accumulation of not recycled waste threatens to engulf the cities, take away our living space and pollute the land. How to get out of the vicious circle of consumption and accumulation, pleasure and pollution, symbiotic relationship? Andjelka Balkovic, the artist who seeks to combine the applied art with sustainability, offers an alternative: a transformation from a vicious into a virtuous circle.  She transforms the pleasure of coffee, through her creative process, into a new form of beauty that pleases the eyes and warms the soul. Used coffee pods that cannot be recycled will get a new life in the “precious” jewels to wear on any occasion. Their value lies in their transformational story: from a functional object and the pleasure of taste to their ultimate purpose of providing enjoyment in a form of beautiful jewelry, authentic, original and unique, through which everyone can send a message of personal responsibility and awareness of sustainable and conscientious living.


  1. Great idea and beautiful results.

  2. This is fabulous. As someone who drinks alot of coffee and uses the pods, I’d like to see the pods being used for a new-formed object of beauty. And I love the chain; I also use angular elements in my own jewelry chains. Enjoying your blog!

  3. moo.mentum says:

    I love your craftsmanship and style of writing. I have nominated this post for a Liebster Award. Please follow the link to find out more.


  4. Ana says:

    Originalno i maštovito.Angie genije!

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