…MILAJKGARBIDŽ 11…ME LIKE GARBAGE 11…pet-art by Veronika Richterová

07 April 2015,   By ,   0 Comments

‘When I found out by chance, that plastic bottles could be deformed by heat I decided to create a sculpture from this material. Immediately, I had the idea that it could be called PET-art however, I took it only as one of my visual experimentations. I didn’t anticipate that plastic bottles would become such an obsession for me for many years. Since 2004 I have used thousands of bottles and have created hundreds of objects. In doing this work, I have developed many specific methods of technological processing’. Veronika Richterová




  1. Interesting and brilliant!, I wish I could see how to reform the bottle into cactus. We have so many plastic bottles here. Thank you for sharing your inspiring artworks. 🙂

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