Make it happen – Jovana’s research project in Japan

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Our member, Jovana Cavorovic was accepted at one of the world’s most prestigious institutes for ceramics: Ishoken, Tajimi City Pottery Design and Technical Center in Japan. In fact, this is the second time that Jovana got accepted, despite a very strong competition consisting of Ceramic artists from all around the world. The difference now is that last year the institute accepted four candidates worldwide, whereas this year they only accepted two. Unfortunately, Jovana’s and her family’s financial situation could not allow her to go to Japan without any scholarship. This is the last chance for her to go, since the Institute accepted Jovana’s application again even though she did not accept the offer the first time (because of the financial situation). Attending this program would be a great honor and opportunity for Serbian artist to learn, enhance and perfect artistic skills, This would be an unique opportunity for Jovana to share the knowledge with everyone interested.

The institute does not offer any scholarships and unfortunately the deadlines to apply for any other relevant scholarship have all expired before the acceptance results were even published. It was not possible to apply for any of them without having a confirmation that she was accepted into the program. Therefore, Jovana needs to find another way to finance the one year program at the Institute. The average student needs about 170.000,00 YEN per month for living expenses, which would be approximately 2.040.000,00 YEN per year. The training fee is 460.000,00 YEN. The total cost for education is approximately 25.000,00 $.

We would appreciate your help to make Jovana’s biggest dream come true.


Make it happen – Jovana’s research project in Japan

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