The Circle, by Andjelka Balkovic

The pleasure of taste of coffee awakens the senses in a sweet combination of scent and flavor. Indulging in the small pleasures of life, enjoying the present moment, should not evolve in the unpleasant consequences. However, abundance and consumption inevitably creates high environmental costs. The accumulation of not recycled waste threatens to engulf the cities, take away our living space and pollute the land. How to get out of the vicious circle of consumption and accumulation, pleasure and pollution, symbiotic relationship? Andjelka Balkovic, the artist who seeks to combine the applied art with sustainability, offers an alternative: a transformation from a vicious into a virtuous circle.  She transforms the pleasure of coffee, through her creative process, into a new form of beauty that pleases the eyes and warms the soul. Used coffee pods that cannot be recycled will get a new life in the “precious” jewels to wear on any occasion. Their value lies in their transformational story: from a functional object and the pleasure of taste to their ultimate purpose of providing enjoyment in a form of beautiful jewelry, authentic, original and unique, through which everyone can send a message of personal responsibility and awareness of sustainable and conscientious living.

1000 ice men sitting on the steps of Opera House in Berlin against Global Warming.. See them before they melt…

Gagin projekat na Mikser festvalu @ Maxmoment, Karađorđeva 57

Instalacija je sačinjena od ležaja od polovnih automobilskih guma spojenih metalnim šrafovima sa šupljinama protkanim mrežom od tankog telefonskog kabla, postera fotografije sa ‘buvljaka’,  svetlećeg tela koje peva i monitora. Instalacija je nastala kao realizacija ideje o promeni funkcije odbačenih predmeta. Kroz upotrebu materijala koji su svuda oko nas, kroz lični rad na njima, razvijaju se lični kreativni potencijali i zadovoljstvo pri upotrebi tih predmeta. Cilj je angažovanje pojedinca da se od potrošačkog okrene kreativnom oblikovanju sopstvenog životnog prostora. Takav pristup angažuje socijalne i komunikacijske resurse u čoveku jer podrazumeva sticanje i razmenu znanja i veština o samim materijalima koje koristimo i njihovoj prenameni.

The installation was created as a realization of the idea of changing the function of discarded objects. Through the use of materials that are all around us, through their own work, people are developing the creative potential and personal satisfaction in the use of these items. The goal is to engage the individual in changing from a consumer to a creative shaping of their own living space. Such an approach engages one’s social and communication resources as it involves the acquisition and exchange of knowledge and skills of the very materials they use and their adaptation.

Mikser Expo @ Mikser House – from 25 May until 30 June from 17:00 – 23:00

Mikser Bazaar @ Mostarska Str. – every day during the festival (25 May – 2 June) from 17:00, on weekends –  from 1400


Mikser Festival 2012 is initiating regional cooperation among creative associations in order to develop creative economies in Balkan.