The Wonderful Caddis Worm: Sculptural Work in Collaboration with Trichoptera

Since the early 1980s, artist Hubert Duprat has been utilizing insects to construct some of his “sculptures.” By removing caddis fly larvae from their natural habitat and providing them with precious materials, he prompts them to manufacture cases that resemble jewelers’ creations. Caddis flies live near ponds and streams. As larvae, they live underwater and make wearable tubes from local materials, such as twigs, sand, stones, or snail shells. The items they select are bound with silk and the larva hooks itself inside with the end of its abdomen. Serbia could be sitting on ‘several millions’ worth of gold reserves



redone and better than ever, at last returned to Blatobran garden, recycled chair by Ana Djordjevic

btw, if you know a supermarket director, we need some more trolleys:)

“Graduated Pearls,” 2011 (cast Portland concrete, white sand and resin UV coat, rope) by Jerelyn Hanrahan.

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