…’klot-frket’…create and donate…kreiraj i doniraj…

This year’s Night of Museums will take place on May 16th, from 5 pm till 1 am. Blatobran is not on the official list, but if you happen to walk by our gallery stop to do some knitting:). We are making scarfs and will donate them at the beginning of winter to homeless kids. The create and donate ‘Klot Frket’ project starts tomorrow and will last all summer. A big THANK YOU to Serge Bloch www.sergebloh.net; fb: https://goo.gl/2wq9Uw, famous French illustrator who allowed us to use his illustration for the poster .


…Kintsugi: The Art of Broken Pieces…

Kintsugi (or kintsukuroi) is a Japanese method for repairing broken ceramics with a special lacquer mixed with gold, silver, or platinum. The philosophy behind the technique is to recognize the history of the object and to visibly incorporate the repair into the new piece instead of disguising it. The process usually results in something more beautiful than the original.

The video above was filmed at Tokyobike in London which recently had a Kintsugi workshop. If you’d like to try the technique yourself, Humade offers gold and silver DIY kintsugi kits. See also: When Mending Becomes an Art. (via Kottke and The Kid Should See This)

Taken from http://www.thisiscolossal.com/

…MILAJKGARBIDŽ 11…ME LIKE GARBAGE 11…pet-art by Veronika Richterová

‘When I found out by chance, that plastic bottles could be deformed by heat I decided to create a sculpture from this material. Immediately, I had the idea that it could be called PET-art however, I took it only as one of my visual experimentations. I didn’t anticipate that plastic bottles would become such an obsession for me for many years. Since 2004 I have used thousands of bottles and have created hundreds of objects. In doing this work, I have developed many specific methods of technological processing’. Veronika Richterová



…dance w/me…

by Nemanja Nikolic Prika http://www.nemaniko.com/

Dance of light is consisted of three sculptures representing symbolical combination of two elements: the dance and the light. The sculptures show people in the motion who dance where the basic structure of the sculptures are light bulbs (body and head of sculpture)that are the main source of light in contemporary world.


…J’adore la photographie 14…žador la fotografiiiiiii 14…


Karen Knorr

The Flight to Freedom, Durbar Hall, Juna Mahal, Dungarpur



…komšijski čiviluk…Neighborly Hanger…



‘Komšijski čiviluk’ je jedno od 3 pobednička rešenja konkursa ”Zajednička sreća” u okviru Mikser Festivala 2014 i izveden je u saradnji sa ‘TTK’ preduzećem za proizvodnju, prodaju i ugradnju saobraćajnih znakova. Zamisao  nam je da se ‘Komšijski čiviluk’ postavi pored kontejnera za smeće da bi građani mogli da ostave hranu , odeću i predmete za reciklažu kako bi bili dostupni korisnicima na dostojanstveniji način i doprineli kvalitetu života lokalne zajednice. Prosečan stanovnik centralne Srbije zaradi 340 € mesečno a 9,2% stanovništva živi ispod linije siromaštva (podatak za 2010. godinu) i veliki je broj starih lica i ljudi bez posla koji se bore da da sastave kraj s krajem. Svrha projekta je da se dopre do najugroženijih građana pomoću građanskog aktivizma i osećaja društvene odgovornosti. Trenutno, mnogi građani ostavljaju hranu i odeću u plastičnim kesama u blizini kontejnera. Realizacijom ova umetnička grupa želi da promeni ponašanje ljudi i privuče pažnju prosečnog građanina inspirisanog da deluje.


‘Neighborly hanger’ is one of the three winning solutions of ‘Common Happiness Contest’, Mikser Festival 2014 and was performed in collaboration with the ‘TTK’ company for the manufacture, sale and installation of traffic signs. The idea is to place ‘Neighborly hanger’ next to garbage containers for citizens to be able to leave food, clothing and items for recycling to be available in a dignified manner and contribute to the quality of life of local communities. The average resident of central Serbia earns € 340 per month and 9.2% of the population lives below the poverty line (data for 2010.), and a large number of elderly people and people without jobs are struggling to make ends meet. The purpose of the project is to reach out to the most vulnerable citizens with civic activism and a sense of social responsibility. Currently, many people leave food and clothing in plastic bags near the container. Our goal is to change people’s behavior and attract the attention of citizens and inspire them to act.


…find us @ MIKSER Fesival…komša, komšija, čiviluk, gremlini svetleći, nosi se a nije majca…




…fly me to the moon…

Fly me to the moon
Let me play among the stars
Let me see what spring is like
On a, Jupiter and Mars



…the mighty imagination…mašta čini svašta…

N E D E LJ A    18.    M A J   17:00,     @    B L A T O B R A N,    Iternacionalnih brigada 71, Beograd

S U N D  A Y… 18     M A Y    17:00    @    B L A T O B R A N,    71 Internacionalnih brigada Str, Belgrade


…J’adore la photographie 13…žador la fotografiiiiiii 13…

by Serbian photographer Nada Pleskonjic http://www.nadapleskonjic.com/





Custom made wall lights with hand made black & white photos; porcelain, black sheet metal.


…milajkgarbidž 10…me like garbage 10…


The Circle, by Andjelka Balkovic

The pleasure of taste of coffee awakens the senses in a sweet combination of scent and flavor. Indulging in the small pleasures of life, enjoying the present moment, should not evolve in the unpleasant consequences. However, abundance and consumption inevitably creates high environmental costs. The accumulation of not recycled waste threatens to engulf the cities, take away our living space and pollute the land. How to get out of the vicious circle of consumption and accumulation, pleasure and pollution, symbiotic relationship? Andjelka Balkovic, the artist who seeks to combine the applied art with sustainability, offers an alternative: a transformation from a vicious into a virtuous circle.  She transforms the pleasure of coffee, through her creative process, into a new form of beauty that pleases the eyes and warms the soul. Used coffee pods that cannot be recycled will get a new life in the “precious” jewels to wear on any occasion. Their value lies in their transformational story: from a functional object and the pleasure of taste to their ultimate purpose of providing enjoyment in a form of beautiful jewelry, authentic, original and unique, through which everyone can send a message of personal responsibility and awareness of sustainable and conscientious living.

milajkmucho5…”Refreshing Memory” exhibition, Museum of Applied Arts, Belgrade

“Refreshing Memory”

Date:06/11 – 31/01
Venue: Museum of Applied Art

On November 6 Museum of Applied Art presented an exhibition entitled “Refreshing Memory” which will be on display until January 31, 2014.

The exhibition presents ornaments of the Serbian medieval frescoes, which can be seen as decoration and decorative details or patterns.

Installation by Vac AleksandarVacke

The exhibition features over 500 copies of the boards with ornaments of Serbian medieval frescoes and are presented by using modern techniques and art forms such as installations, animations, virtual screenings, interactive presentations, sound installations and original works inspired by the very material of the exhibition.

The opening hours of the exhibition: November 6 – January 31, Tuesday to Saturday 11:00 to 19:00.

Entry ticket: 100 dinars.


More information at http://www.mpu.rs

…milajkgarbidž 9…me like garbage 9…


Studio Swine have created ‘Can City’- a project based in São Paulo where a mobile foundry operates around the city’s streets. The foundry smelts aluminum cans using waste vegetable oil collected from local cafes as fuel. The molds and the finished pieces are all made on location, turning the street into an improvised manufacturing line http://www.studioswine.com/can-city.

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…saberi 2 & 2… add up 2 & 2…

The Wonderful Caddis Worm: Sculptural Work in Collaboration with Trichoptera

Since the early 1980s, artist Hubert Duprat has been utilizing insects to construct some of his “sculptures.” By removing caddis fly larvae http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caddisfly from their natural habitat and providing them with precious materials, he prompts them to manufacture cases that resemble jewelers’ creations. Caddis flies live near ponds and streams. As larvae, they live underwater and make wearable tubes from local materials, such as twigs, sand, stones, or snail shells. The items they select are bound with silk and the larva hooks itself inside with the end of its abdomen. Serbia could be sitting on ‘several millions’ worth of gold reserves http://goo.gl/wq5dKN


…u zemlji Porcelaniji…once upon a time in Porcealinia…


Jaber, who lives in Long Beach, is a retired high school science teacher. He pursued porcelain art partly because of the chemistry involved. Many pieces resemble the shapes of molecules.



…milajkgarbidž8…me like garbage 8…



redone and better than ever, at last returned to Blatobran garden, recycled chair by Ana Djordjevic

btw, if you know a supermarket director, we need some more trolleys:)

…what if you had no brains…ostadoh bez šala…


NeuroKnitting [knitic.com] by Varvara Guljajeva, Mar Canet, and Sebastian Mealla

The knitted garments thus visualize the listener’s affective and cognitive states as a unique and personalized textile pattern.


!!! 5th Mikser Festival 2013, 28 May – 2 June Savamala, Belgrade !!!




MIKSER is a multidisciplinary, multicultural platform that aims to affirm the cultural industry of the region and organize the largest festival of creativity.

I ♥ Beogradska nedelja dizajna keramike ”MATERA 02”, 22-27 april – I ♥ “MATERA 02” Ceramics Design Week @ Majdan, 3-5 Kozjacka str., Belgrade

…take a look at a programme and participants www.matera02.artkomuna.org.rs ENJOY!!!…

Vac Aleksandarmatera1

…najzad…at last…Mikser House…

Permanent cultural activities, concerts, exhibitions, multimedia, lectures, seminars, festivals, social activism and the struggle to revitalize the historic Savamala district and its famous buildings become a daily imperative of Mikser team. You can see the result of this struggle if you visit Mikser House in Karadjordjeva 46 which opened the doors for more than 60 designers from the region, whose unique works have been displayed in the store. Next time when in Belgrade, don’t miss to visit this unique design center (if hungry you can aeat in a funky restaurant / bar and cafeteria, as well a part of this coooollll place).

Mikse Hose new

…’Madame Butterfly’…

“When Mrs. Pinkerton called next day at the little house on Higashi Hill it was quite empty.”

‘Madame Butterfly’, by Tanja