“Pre-spring attitude” – porcelain in color
exhibition opening, 29 March 2022, 6 p.m., Blatobran Gallery

Jana Ranković’s exhibition “Pre-Spring Attitude” is part of the “A Window to the Future” project organized by the Blatobran Gallery in order to promote young ceramists. The exhibition consists of a collection of useful objects, specifically cups in (with) trays in several standardized dimensions made of colored porcelain.

The author’s comments on her work:

“What intimately interests me while thinking about form in a sculptural way is to find a solution to functionality. Functionality guides design. When an object is given a simple shape, as everything here “revolves” around circles, their relationships, places where they touch, angle of incidence, way of processing the edge … It is a whole series of decisions that I make through the process … Piles of baked sketches, failed rehearsals, step by step, bring the form in order.

The choice of color that affects the aesthetic experience is also related to function, but in this case it is emotional in nature. The sky is blue and coral red, both intense, influential … Warm gray is there to balance the composition and return the focus to the design, and the design carries the idea of “adaptive statics”.

For the name of the exhibition, I took terms from classical music so that the exhibition itself could be viewed as a composition of colors and shapes. That composition would have a cheerful note.

Although pottery is not a common choice for exhibition in the gallery space, perhaps because it is seen more as a purposeful product than as an art object, I think such a cup could exist on its own, as an art object.”

Jana Ranković, artist of the younger generation (1995), graduated in ceramics at the Faculty of Fine Arts, master studies at the sculpture department of the Faculty of Fine Arts.

“Incubation” Exhibition Opening – 25 February 2020​

Starting from 25th February you are invited to see a selection of works from the series titled “Incubation”, an ongoing series of biomorphic sculptures situated in space and presented in the form of cocoons. Author’s approach to the theme is twofold: first, there is an idea of incubation, that is, the process and time that is needed to develop, and then, there is a broader concept of encapsulation and limitation. These refined and minimal forms point to a quest for an ideal mask every individual uses when facing the society, hiding the inner content. Textures and lines in her work elaborate the possibilities and strivings of the inner life, and colours indicate a variety of energy states of the being and mind.

Sara Nikoliš | Born in Belgrade in 1995. She took a master degree in ceramics at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade in 2020, with Professor Lana Tikveša. She received the “Ivan Tabakovic Award” in 2018 for best work in ceramics and exhibited her works in a number of exhibitions.

Solo exhibition of Sara Nikoliš at the Blatobran Gallery is the second in a series of such events under the common name “A Window to the Future”, which aims to promote and present the work of young colleagues at the beginning of their career to the wider audience.

Exhibition of Sara Nikolis at Blatobran Gallery in Belgrade

“The Plate” Exhibition Opening – 16 August 2019

You are invited to join us at the opening ceremony of “The Plate” exhibition by 10 Serbian artists / ceramists, which will be held on 16 August at 7 p.m. at “Blatobran Gallery”, 38 Gospodar Jevremova Str.

The exhibition will be open until 1 September, every day (except on Mondays) from 12.00 hrs. – 20.00 hrs.

This August, the artists grouped under the Blatobran banner, a place for promoting applied arts, begins a series of themed exhibitions.

The first in a series will be an exhibition of author’s handmade usable and decorative plates done by Tatjana Paradjanin, Lana Tikvesa, Jovana Cavorovic, Julia Draskoci, Marija Milin, Aleksandar Vac, Bojana Ristevski Mlaker, Minja Djurdjevic, Ana Jakic Jevtovic and Nemanja Nikolic Prika.

"The Plate" Exhibition at Blatobran Gallery

“A Window to the Future” Exhibition Opening – 19 March 2019

Solo exhibition of Gorana Stojkov at the Blatobran Gallery is the first in a series of such events under the common name “A Window to the Future”, which aims to promote and present the work of young colleagues at the beginning of their career to the wider audience.

From 19 to 28 March we will present a series of works by Gorana Stojkov titled “Intuitively”, a set of several fine arts, drawings, collages and ceramics. The original idea of the project is based on the unification of visual elements aimed at presenting a spiritual story of intuitive attraction. The streamlined shapes and the contrasts of the surfaces carry in themselves a duality reflected in the weakness and the brutal force, the refined and the elemental, almost primitive. The purified simplicity, which is at the same time rich and layered, a dance of the opposites entangled in continuous attraction and rejection, forms a basis of the poetics of these drawings and sculptures and their magical amazement.

Ms. Gorana Stojkov was born in Nis in 1993. She graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade in 2018 in the class of Professor Ms. Lana Tikvesa, the ceramics department.

Exhibition of Gorana Stojkov at Blatobran Gallery

“Oasis” Exhibition Opening – 19 May 2018

Dear Friends,

We are inviting you to the opening of “Oasis” exhibition of vases by Serbian ceramic artists at Blatobran Gallery, 38 Gospodar Jevremova Street, Belgrade. The exhibition will be opened until 27 May, from 12.00 hrs until 20.00 hrs, every day, except on Monday.

Blatobran Gallery

"Oasis" Exhibition at Blatobran Gallery
Artwork by Bojana Ristevski - "Oasis" Exhibition at Blatobran Gallery in Belgrade