The Neighborly Hanger

The Neighborly Hanger, one of three winning solutions of the ‘Common Happiness’ competition within Mixer Festival 2014.

Many poor people every day dig through garbage bins looking for food, clothes and recycling materials. Of all the segments of the population, the Roma are the most vulnerable. This project was designed to raise awareness of food waste and recycling and to help the poorest citizens to use it; about 50% of wasted food in industrialized countries ends up in the trash even though it is edible.

The idea is to place ‘Neighborhood hanger’ next to garbage container so that citizens can leave the food and clothing that would be available to users in a dignified manner and to contribute to the quality of life of local communities.

Blatobran project "Neighborly Hanger"

…’klot-frket’…create and donate…kreiraj i doniraj…

This year’s Night of Museums will take place on May 16th 2015, from 5 pm till 1 am. Blatobran is not on the official list, but if you happen to walk by our gallery stop to do some knitting:).

We are making scarfs and will donate them at the beginning of winter to homeless kids. The create and donate ‘Klot Frket’ project starts tomorrow and will last all summer. A big THANK YOU to Serge Bloch, famous French illustrator who allowed us to use his illustration for the poster.

Blatobran project "Klot-Frket"